Dinosaur-themed Birthday Party

Dinosaur-themed party for any dinosaur loving boy or girl will be an instant hit.Vanilla cupcakes with green vanilla frosting and a small dinosaur in the middleI’ve been really busy recently hence I am posting only once a week these days. Our little guy turned 5 very recently and requested a dinosaur-themed party for his birthday. We had almost 20 kids coming so the party took place in a park. Since I was concentrating on preparing a fun activities for the kids, I didn’t cook as much and most of the food was purchased. I did make vanilla cupcakes with green vanilla frosting that were decorated with small dinosaurs. I purchased a bag of the small dinosaurs and the dinosaur baking cups from Amazon. I also got a very cute dinosaur sandwich cutter  and used it to make a Nutella sandwiches and watermelon slices that were shaped like a dinosaur. Kids and grownups loved them and they were all gone first.

Dino dig kitAs far as the activities we had a Dino Dig and Dino Egg Hunt. There are tons of recipes on Pinterest for both. For the Dino Dig each child got their own kit. Dollar Store offers a wide variety of supplies. I got the aluminum baking pans (3 for $1.00), rocks, shells, paper bags and digging tools ( paint brushes, forks, toothpicks) there. I checked a few websites to get the recipe for the sand mixture but they all were too soft. To make the hardened sand I mixed it with Plaster of Paris and water according to this blog but added 1.5 cups of Plaster of Paris instead of 1 cup per batch. In each kit I put a dino skeleton purchased here as well as several rocks, shells and a few small gems that kept the kids going for a while. I made the kits two days in advance  so the sand mixture would be dry and hard. It was a bit of work but so worth it!Kids looking for hidden dinosaur skeleton from a kit I made the Dino Eggs (sorry no pics) using dried coffee grounds from Starbucks , flour, salt, sand and water. I formed a soft dough, shaped the “eggs”, hid a small dinosaur inside and baked for about 50 minutes at 170 degrees. The eggs looked like rocks but were soft enough for kids to break them and get the treasure.

There was also a T. Rex piñata and dinosaur balloons.Dinosaur balloonsOverall, it was a great party. The weather was perfect, family and friends were there with us and kids had a lot of fun.

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

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